Lamp Mounts

ReArtDeco Lamp Mounts – Industrial Design, built to last


ReArtDeco supplies lamps and chandeliers. See the appropriate section below for mounting and accessory options.


Lamps can be mounted in one of 3 available options as detailed below:

  1. Ceiling mount (standard)

The Art Deco glass is attached to a backing plate that has 3 Philips hue lamps mounted to it as well as a smart switch. In addition, there is a standard ceiling bracket used to attach the assembly to the ceiling. All instructions for the installation are in the installation guide in the page below.

  1. Wall mount (can be mounted on the ceiling)

This has the same components as for the ceiling mount with the addition of a 3m textile cable and backing plate adjuster.

  1. Tripod Mount (Can be mounted on the ceiling and wall)

In addition to the material supplied with the wall mount there is a tripod (colors selectable) and mounting plate.

  • Tripod wooden legs come in 2 options (Light beech and dark walnut)
  • Metal framework in matt black or white paint
  • Lamp height is adjustable up to max. 135 cm
  • Lamp rotates 140°

Mounting kits and Pricing

Ceiling Wall Tripod
Ceiling Only Ceiling and Wall Ceiling, Wall and Tripod
See specific lamp Lamp + 100 CHF Lamp + 900 CHF


Philips hue lamps require a bridge that can control up to 50 lamps. If you require a bridge then order this accessory as listed below      

Philips Bridge XX CHF
Replacement Cable XX CHF
E14 Bulbs XX CHF
E14 adapter XX CHF

Mounting Options

Tripod Mounted – Dark Wood

Tripod Mounted  – Light Wood

Ceiling Mounted

Wall Mounted


Chandeliers come with the original Art Deco mounting assembly with the following modifications:

  • 1 or 3 Philips hue lamps depending on the model
  • Fully rewired
  • Ceiling rose