My Story

 Life is full of surprises, right?

Hi, I am Angelina. It is such a surprise to find myself making lights. On the other hand, I ask myself: “why not?”

I was always inspired by ART DECO style and in every facet of its appeal: architecture, furniture, lighting or jewellery.  One can find the style in most stylish hotels, restaurants and bars worldwide: Paris, New York, Shanghai or Zürich etc.

I spent many years in technical roles until the beginning of the pandemic, in early 2020. The pandemic accelerated the need to improve lamps within our own apartment as home office became mandatory for a while. The pandemic period gave myself extra time, which was before occupied with other activities and triggered the artistic and creative side of my personality. As I was never happy with lamps presented on the market made from plastic or any other short lifetime materials. Unless one would like to have something of a different category (so called designer lights), where their price would rise very quickly without any guarantee of long service.

The idea to use antique ART DECO glass shades from old chandeliers, which had already been in service for almost 100 years played with my thoughts. Heavy glass had to be combined with the same solid backing plate made from aluminum or brass to hold such glass shades that weight 3-5 kg. This way a first prototype of converting an antique chandelier to a contemporary designed lamp was born. It took several iterations to adjust the backing plate design to become a perfection on its own. These contemporary glass lamps can now be mounted to walls, ceilings or on tripods. I personally think that a combination with energy saving smart Philips bulbs is an added value to the whole concept. 

RE discovered, RE designed & RE built ART DECO lights shine new and will hold another 100 years. By giving a new life to old chandeliers we build products for a sustainable future.

My ART DECO lights are the main focus of this website. However, I made few collections of other French glass objects of ART DECO period (bowls, vases, posters and bonbonnieres) to give you a deeper insight into the belle époque 1920s-1930s, its glass artists, objects, style and their stories.

I presently live in Switzerland in small historical town Zug on the lake located between Lucerne and Zürich. I work with local and international customers.

Sincerely yours