André Delatte

André Delatte (1887-1953) is an industrialist founded glassworks l’Est SA in Jarville, near Nancy in 1921, manufacturing artistic glass of the main brand “A Delatte Nancy“, in Art Nouveau or Art Deco styles. The speciality of the brand was high quality cameo glassware with classic Art Deco form and imagery: multilayer opaque glass with milk glass inclusions and overlays, relief and etched decoration in pink and Bordeaux tones.

In 1926, the factory successfully expanded in Nancy with engraving workshops at 16 rue de Metz. André Delatte created its own models with their own style, a “trademark”, so he became a competitor of Daum.  

Mostly because of competition with Daum and less because of the Great Depression, the factory was liquidated in the 1930s. In spite the closure André Delatte created a new company “Art et Verrerie” (signed as ARVERS) in Rive-de-Gier, as an attempt to resume production; however, this new company was not crowned with success and didn’t survive for long. 

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