The brand Verlys (Verrerie des Andelys) is associated with the artistic production of glassware established in Les Andelys, in Eure in France. The mother company Holophane, an industrial company, explored the principal of Fresnel lenses in prismatic moulded glass for headlights marine and automotive, signalling and fog glass, lenses etc..  Holophane used to have its head office in Paris.

In 1921 a small glasswork was acquired in Petit-Andely (Eure) on 8 rue Eugene Claru. Around 1925, the glassworks Andelys dashes into art pieces. It is about initially unique creations by beautiful quality in multilayer molded blown glass. Marked with Verlys glass objects sometimes were even accompanied by the initials of the artists.

Series production began around 1933. The glass used was most often colourless or opalescent, as well as all range of coloured glasses, in the soft shades preserving the translucency. The style was set by the maitre of artistic glass and glasswork’s manager during 1937-1940 Pierre D’Avesn. D’Avesn’s design can be recognized in many glass creations of Verlys of that period. Certain editions were intended only for export to Great Britain or USA.

The brand Verlys was kept for table and decoration glassware, while the brand Hanots for art glasswork for lighting and architecture.

The income from selling artistic glassworks declined after 1945. However, some exceptional pieces were still exceptionally reissued till 1970s.

Holophane company continued to exist till nowadays, however, only dealing with manufacturing of glass for industrial applications.

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