Signature Costebelle can be found on vases, boxes, perfume bottles, powder boxes and other small containers for the bathroom, produced in the years 1930-1935.

These objects are usually made of colourless or slightly blue, satin, often with floral decoration.

Costebelle is a quarter of the town of Hyères in the southeast of France.  Neither the origin nor the location of this company, whose production seems to be rather marginal, is known.

However, a bonbonniere marked with ‘Etling 277’ is found in the Etling cataligue It makes it guess that Costebelle was an Artist (artistic name) who worked for Etling Project, like Georges Béal. 

It is also known that same design was also included in a trinket set produced by S. Reich & Co. (PDF), which was produced in 1934. 

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