Marius Sabino

Marius Ernest Sabino (1878-1961) was born in Sicily in 1878 and moved to France with his family at the age of 4. He studied at the L’Ecole Nationale des Arts décoratifs et des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he was amazed by the novelty of electricity.

He created his own company manufacturing fittings for lighting in Noisy le Sec. In the 1920s, his activity extended to decorative objects: bowls, vases and figurines. His pressed-molded glass creations are in a spirit similar to that of René Lalique. Sabino used the same molding and finishing processes in the production as René Lalique, but often with an opalescence that becomes dominant.

To resist competition, especially from Verlys or René Lalique, Sabino used VERART and VERNOX brands as well as his own name as a brand. When he died in 1961, his son continued the business until 1975, when he sold a quantity of moldings to an American firm.

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