Bowl 101_19


Bowl of opalescent art deco style pressed molded glass is mounted to the chromed metal foot, unsigned, but attributed to MARIUS ERNEST SABINO. The decorative way in which Sabino has used opalescent glass is absolutely superb. The different depths of glass, together with the various contrasts between transparent and opaque, is pure genius and masterful.

French opalescent glass of this quality, displays multiple colors which are usually subjected to the light. The glass changes instantly from milky-blue to creamy-milky with hints of purple, also able to display a complete color transformation into translucent golden amber, when the glass is lighted from behind. It is a marvel to behold.

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Artist Marius Sabino
Created 1920s-1930s in France
Size 10 cm high, 30 cm diameter
Condition Excellent. Minor scratches