Bowl 105_19


Superb large tripod bowl in pressed molded, stylized floral decoration of the three asters designed by Georges Béal, marked with ETLING FRANCE 63: N° 63 of the Project ETLING of Art Deco Epoque from 1920-1930s. Partially ETLING catalog can be found under The intem is found here

Ideal for center decoration of a table, this fruit bowl, is a beautiful example of French glass manufacturers art.

The bowl is in very good general condition with few tiny scratches of use on the inside and few tiny indents on the feet, also few bubbles from craft work, the rim is totally undamaged.

Grand Сoupe asters is also available in opalescent glass (see Bowl 102_19). There exists a smaller version N° 147 as well in opalescent or molded glass of diameter 22 cm and height 6.7 cm (see Bowl 103_20).

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Artist Edmond Etling
Created 1920s-1930s in France
Size 8.5 cm high, 30.5 cm diameter
Condition Excellent. Minor usage scratches