Edmond Etling

Art dealer and gallery owner in 29, rue de Paradis in Paris, Edmond Etling was a major producer of molded pressed glass objects during 1920s and 1930s. The original mold designs of the Etling glass factories were used successively by two glass factories: Choisy le Roi and Vannes le Châtel until at least 1952. The objects manufactured by these two glass factories are all signed ETLING. 

The Etling brand covers the creations of a pleiad of the most original artists of the Art Deco epoque: Lucille Sévin for her representations of female nudes, Georges Béal for his floral decorations and his pine cones motifs and many others.

Edmond Etling, of Jewish origin, was deported to Germany in 1940 with his whole family to a concentration camp. They never returned back to reclaim their heritage of these precious arts.

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