Bowl 107_19

COUPE OF THREE ONDINES by Pierre D’Avesn 1920s

Art Deco bowl of pressed smoked opal glass is, not signed, but attributed to Pierre D’Avesn creation for LALIQUE.

Ondines are imaginary beings associated with water. They also can be called water nymphs in its own right. Ondines are almost invariably depicted as being female, and are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. Although resembling humans in form, they lack a human soul, so to achieve mortality they must acquire one by marrying a human. Such a union is not without risk for the man, because if he is unfaithful, then he is fated to die.

The decorative way in which Pierre D’Avesn brought up the three ondines is absolutely superb. The different depths of glass, together with the various contrasts when light falls on the bowl accent three part design of beautiful three muses.

It is a marvel to behold.

It has a couple of light age related scratch marks to the interior (see pictures). The rim is totally undamaged. The general condition is excellent.

Coupe Ondines is also available in molded green glass produced for Verlys  (see Bowl 102_20). 

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Artist Pierre D’Avesn for Lalique
Created 1920s in France
Size 7 cm high, 25 cm diameter
Condition Excellent. Minor scratches