Chandelier 102_22

Glass shade Dahlia in dark yellow-brawn was created by Edmond Etling (1920s) and tripod mounted by us. It is just a marvel to be hold.

The glass shade is not signed, however the shape is represented in three signed objects of the Etling Catalog:

Etling 27 – Projet Etling / Etling Project (

Etling 150 – Projet Etling / Etling Project (

Etling 143 – Projet Etling / Etling Project (

The last link represent the related beautiful bowl Bowl_106_20 by the same artists to accompany the Lamp. Tripod mount includes a ceiling or wall mount possibility. We also have this Dahlia model in salmon and white glass colors.  

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Artist Edmond Etling, famous  model
Created 1920s-1930s in France
Size 15 cm width, 35 cm diameter, 135 cm height
Condition Excellent